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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Not a bad week, I ate dinner at Olive Garden and still managed to lose a pound.  Didn't get a chance to exercise this week -- too busy with other stuff -- but I did get a neat little gadget for the itouch -- a sensor to put in my sneaker when i work out so I can track my workouts by time, by distance or by calories burned.

As for the show....

the first a repeat of last week.

then the real deal begins.  blue and yellow are back.  only one team will stay on the ranch, and they will have immunity this week.  blue had incredible weight loss, but yellow was even better and they get to stay.  and they have the only vote at elimination.

glad to see Michael win immunity.   even happier that red did NOT win immunity.  sad for pink and the 2-pound disadvantage.

Miggy is a strong lady, even after major surgery she's still competing...but I still don't like her.  still, her health issue explains her failure to lose weight last week.  24 hours after surgery she walked 13 miles...incredible.

then comes the workout...and Jillian dealing with Ashley's emotional issues.

workout over, it's time for the weigh-in.

we start with the yellow team.  they ahve immunity, but it's their first weigh-in.  they do OK.

next is Michael, also immune.  he's well on his way to breaking records.

next up is pink, the team with the 2 pound disadvantage.  they do well.  even with the extra pounds, they have a good chance of being safe.

next up -- red.  they need to have lost more than 13 pounds to stay safe.  they lose only 9 pounds ....and pink team is safe.

ornage is up!

purple -- Stephanie loses 5 pounds and remains safe.

gray team needs to have lost more than 11 pounds....success.

black team's turn....and they are safe.

green team...Miggy...she had a hard week without Migdalia and with the surgery...she needs to have lost more than 3 pounds....she lost 5!

brown team is up....John needs to beat red team or he goes home....he needs to have lost more than 7 pounds...

he lost 6 pounds.  no elimination vote, John goes home....

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Joyce-Anne said...

I was sorry to see John go home. I liked him.

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