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Monday, September 28, 2009

that was a bit awkward...

about 7-8 years ago my friend Denise met a guy through an internet dating site. after a few dates she told me "I think Phil would be better for you than for me." and she set me up on a blind date.

our first date was at an Italian restaurant, Papa Joe's, a place I'd eaten with Drew and some of our friends. while we were eating, he started telling me about his passion and involvement with a local theater group, one that did a lot of Gilbert & Sullivan operettas.

he asked me if I'd heard of any Gilbert & Sullivan works, other than the big three -- Mikado, HMS Pinafore and Pirates of Penzance.

I said yes, I'd see Iolanthe, that my ex husband, his parents and his sister were all involved in a Gilbert & Sullivan group.

he looked at me and said "YOU'RE Drew's ex wife?"

yep, they were involved with the same Gilbert & Sullivan group. Phil acts and directs, and Drew and his sister perform.

I went out with Phil for a few months. it ended badly.

now I am back with Drew. and Drew is still involved with the Gilbert & Sullivan group. in fact, he plans to appear in Pirates this year, which Phil will direct.

so Drew and I went out to dinner Saturday night.

guess who was sitting at the very next table?


Suzanne said...

That must have been quite interesting!

songbird's crazy world said...

that's a word for it.

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