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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biggest Loser Tuesday

So I went to my weight watchers meeting on Tuesday, and despite the holiday excesses, I still managed to lose a pound! Bravo!

the leader handed out some "bling" ....a small charm in the shape of clapping hands, with the number "16" to show we've done 16 weeks of program....when I looked for the charm on Friday it was gone...but I found it again Sunday night.

this week's meeting was all about activity -- something I am sadly lacking. Personal goal for the week is to ADD MOVEMENT!!! And I manage 20 minutes of working out while watching The Biggest Loser, not a bad start. Afterward, I really felt the burn in my arms and legs...I've got to keep this up. good thing I renewed my membership at the Y, I may actually see the inside of the gym eventually.

thursday lunchtime I actually took a walk along the waterfront....and ran into several members of my WW group. felt good.

of course, the weekend came along and blew me away. I'll try to do better this week.

As for the show....loved that Tracey made it back! Julio was not winning any friends this week. The idea that they are all one team -- and need to lose a combined total of 150 pounds to keep everyone above the yellow line -- made for an interesting week 2. The quiz was very informative. Loved the team challenge. Clearly the producers don't want to send anyone home this week! It was wonderful the way they worked together. But week 2 -- the cursed week... I dread the weigh-in.... glad Tracey did well, feel bad for the pink the time the blue team weighed in I knew they'd succeed...awesome finish, guys, they lost 155 pounds all told...and no one goes home.

Next week's episode sounds weird...


Joyce-Anne said...

I was thrilled last week too. However, after seeing tonight's episode, I'm curious to know how you feel about Tracey now.

songbird's crazy world said...

You'll see the full review next Tuesday, but Tracey is not one of my favorites anymore.

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