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Friday, August 7, 2009

teenage daughters, sibling rivalry and drama

two weekends in a row, same story.

Jen and Becca work at the day camp where they both used to be campers.

when Becca was a camper, she became very good friends with two other girls, Jamie and Paige. both friends also work at the camp.

for most of the summer, Becca's been hanging out with Jamie and Paige. Jen's best friends at camp are her co-counselor Cassie and another girl, Amanda.
so far so good.

three weeks ago Jen, Cassie and Amanda started hanging out with Jamie and Paige. at first it wasn't a problem for Becca, but last weekend she became very unhappy with Jen.

last summer, when Becca was hanging with Jen's friends, Jen didn't have a problem.

but Becca has a problem with Jen hanging out with Jamie and Paige.

so tonight Jen went to a party and she's sleeping at Jamie's house.

and Becca is home in a foul mood "because Jen ruined my night."

I told her she was being foolish and cutting off her nose to spite her face.

so now she's mad at me.

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