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Friday, August 28, 2009

sitting here crying

just broke an earring.

a stupid, $26 for the pair earring that I bought about 4 years ago.

that I bought 4 years ago, in Macy's, because I wanted big, dangling earrings.

I wanted big dangling earrings because I needed to feel feminine.

because I was about to start chemo. I was about to lose my hair.

because I was scared.

how different my life is, 4 years later.

funny how cheap costume jewelry can evoke such deep emotion.


Suzanne said...

Isn't it amazing how powerful an object can be?

The crying is understandable. When something was purchased to give you a little cheer when you were going through such a rough time, it is sad to see it break.

Perhaps a new symbol of being a 4 year survivor? No, it won't be the same, but it's worth a shot.

songbird's crazy world said...

shopping trip! yeah!

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