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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

what is it with cats and tuna?

so I get up this morning Mr. Kitty is all over me, purring and rubbing against me and being oh so affectionate. I know this routine, it's the "food is love and I need to be loved" routine.
so I go dowstairs to the kitchen....and there's no cat food. apparently we have run out, and no one bothered to go to the store for more.
but Mr. Kitty is now giving me the "starving kitty" routine -- though if you saw him you'd wonder if he could EVER starve to death, he's a big boy....
so I go into the pantry and get a can of tuna. Bumblebee solid white albacore, no less.
so I open the can, put tuna in his dish, and as I place the dish on the floor I hear a plaintive but muffled "meow".
and it's not from Mr. Kitty. he's the strong, silent type. not to mention that he's now stuffing himself on solid white albacore.
it seems Daisy has spent the night in the garage, having followed my mother into the garage last evening, and was quite content there --- until she smelled the tuna. yep, she smelled the tuna right through the garage door.

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