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Friday, July 31, 2009

teen drama

it happened again last night.

Becca came into my room: please Mom, it's important.

I hear those words and I shudder. it means there's some kind of emergency. or at least somethng Becca perceives as being an emergency.

I've told both girls, many times, that if there's a dangerous situation -- drinking, drugs, violence, whatever, I will come and get them, no questions asked, because my first priority is their safety.

Becca has interpreted this statement to include her friends.

Last night I found myself picking up one of her friends and bringing the young lady back to our house for the night. she'd had an argument with her parents, was wandering around the neighborhood in the dark and was reluctant to go home. when she heard I was coming to get her, she did go home briefly to get her things and to tell her parents where she was going.

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