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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

true confessions time

My new significant other ....isn't exactly "new".

we've known each other for about ....oh, 30 years.

In fact, I was at his wedding.

You can see me in some of the pictures. I was the one wearing the white gown and the veil.

don't ask me how this happened, but somehow I have come full circle, and I am dating my ex-husband.

Just a few years I go I would have said this would be impossible.

Lord help us both.


Christina said...

Oh gosh. Wow. That must be...very weird?

Not unheard of certainly, but gosh I cannot imagine that ever happening in my life. Of course, you didn't think it possible either.

OK, if I eliminate *myself* out of the picture since the thought creeps me out...hey, that's kinda cool!


Suzanne said...

I am happy for you. :)

Joyce-Anne said...

These kind of things happen. Enjoy.

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