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Monday, August 8, 2011


Three simple letters adding up to one very big test!

Jen will be graduating from college in May, and her plan is to start a Master’s in Education in the fall of 2012. The programs she’s most interested in “strongly suggest” that a candidate take the GRE and include the test results as part of the application for admission.

Well, since Jen has time available now (not having found employment this summer), she decided that she will schedule the test for the last week in August, just before she returns to school.

(I love that she can schedule the test at a testing center anytime she’s ready. So different from taking the SAT exam, which you take at the convenience of the College Board.)

She bought the GRE review book two days ago. She’s serious about the test.

(And she’s getting study prep for the exam from a family friend. Jenn is a high school English teacher who also teaches SAT test prep. Yes, Jen (with one “n”) and Jenn (with two “n’s”) will be working together. “Single ‘n’ Jen” has been tutored by “twin ‘n’ Jenn” for other exams, and they work well together.)

All this test prep is a reminder that Jen will be a senior this year. I’m having trouble dealing with the fact that my baby girl will soon be a college graduate.



Suzanne said...

I take mine September 1st. It is SO much nicer when you can schedule it when you're ready!

songbird's crazy world said...

good luck with your exam!

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