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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's Go Mets!

So today Drew and I went to Citi Field to see the Mets-Phillies game. We've both been Mets fans since forever.

We drove to Queens, got off the highway at Flushing Meadow Park, right near the remnants of the New York State Pavillion (think "Men in Black") and parked in a lot on Roosevelt Avenue, across the street from the stadium - had to walk up to the el (The 7 train) to get across the street.

The Mets had a rich history at Shea, but for some reason when Citi Field was built, the designers made it look like Ebbets Field to salute a team that abandoned this city over 50 years ago. You enter through the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Drew got a bad sunburn on his bald spot when we were in Niagara Falls. So before we left the house I reminded him to take a hat. He showed me the hat in the car. But just before we reached the Rotunda he realized he left the hat in the car. "sounds like an excuse to buy one," I said.

Imagine our surprise ... Today was a promotional day, and the giveaway was... a baseball cap.

With a 4 pm start time, we ate lunch at the stadium - hot dogs cooked in beer and seasoned fries with cheese.

Lots of Phillies fans at the game ... I can well imagine the traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike!

This season the team is saluting the '86 Mets. Jesse Orasco threw out the ceremonial first pitch today.

I love all the Mets traditions ...from the chants of "Let's Go Mets" to Mr. Met the mascot to the huge red apple that pops up behind the outfield whenever a Met hits a home run - we saw the apple twice today.

We chose a great game ... The Mets beat the Phillies 11-2.

And as we walked out of the stadium and headed back to Roosevelt Avenue...a guy dressed as Spiderman played his sax, a woman handed out free samples of Wheat Thins Stix and a bum solicited donations with a sign that read "I'm not going to lie, I need a beer."

Only in New York.

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