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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

teenage girls and life lessons

so you recall the prom drama. How Jen broke up with Dean right after she paid for the nonrefundable prom dress?

there's more to the story.

seems that my daughter paid for her own prom ticket. she handed the (now ex) boyfriend $85 for a prom ticket.

apparently she was the one who convinced him to go to the prom, because now that they broke up the young man isn't going to the prom at all.

he told Jen that the prom tickets were nonrefundable.

at Jen's insistence I called the high school and spoke to the senior class advisor. the teacher told me that a refund check would be issued to the young man's mother, as he was the student and he was the one who purchased the tickets.

so now she's trying to chase down her $85. the young man won't talk to her at all. I told her to write it off as a "life lesson", but my little girl is a toughie -- she intends to get her money back.


Claudia Sunshine said...
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songbird's crazy world said...


Joyce-Anne said...

Go Jen GO!!!! Get your money back.

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