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Thursday, June 11, 2009

supporting the arts

Drew had a freind, the friend's daughter plans to major in theater production when she starts college in September. the young lady had a real professional gig last night, running the lighting board for a production in the East Village. of course Drew had to see the show, and he asked me to go with him -- he knows how much I love live theater.

it's been a long time since I visited the Village. it's great neighborhood -- filled with interesting shops and restaurants. of course, the real bohemians have long since moved to Alphabet City, but it's still fun to be in the area.

So we met at John's of Bleeker Street for a bite to eat before the show. I really love John's on 44th Street, but I'd never been to their original location in the Village. It's a great little place -- just ahandful of tables, very limited menu, but the food is excellent. By the time we finished eating, the line for a table was huge....

after a kamikazi cab ride across town, we found our way to the Kraine theater. this is a very, very, very small venue, only 99 seats in the house. small theater companies can rent out the facility for their productions.

the show we saw was actually a series of comic vignettes. some of the stories were very funny, some...a good idea that goes nowhere. the cast -- young actors learning their craft. some are very talented, and will likely go far.

no, it's not Bradway, but a night of theater in any venue is worthwhile.


Suzanne said...

If you ever want a theatre fix closer to home, check out either one of our alma maters. Both theatre departments are hidden gems.

(Mine counts Billy Crystal, Eddie Murphy and Jim Breuer as alums. I'm sure yours has a couple)

songbird's crazy world said...

mine boasts of Tommy Mottola, Ron Kovic, James Caan, Francis Ford Coppola, Madeline Kahn, Lainie Kazan, Dan Ingram, Nelson DeMille, and (unfortunately) our "estemmed" governor, david Paterson.

Suzanne said...

Dan Ingram! (I used to think that jingle was Dating Room when I was 4 or 5)

Nelson deMille is one of my favorite authors.

songbird's crazy world said...

yep, Dan Ingram, the voice of my youth...remember in the summer he'd say "roll your bod" every 15 minutes or so, so that beachgoers would get an even tan?

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