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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

of boys and beer

So when Jen was home for spring break, she heard me say I was headed out to the dry cleaners, so she handed me a camisole -- a pretty thing with spaghetti straps and sequins, that she wears to parties and clubbing and such.

It positively reeked of beer.

When she broke up with her boyfriend, B. several months ago, all she told me was that "He wasn't treating me the way I want to be treated."  That's basically her stock answer, the "I'm not ready to tell you the whole story" response.

But now...she tells me the whole story:

Seems she broke up with B because B cheated on her with his ex girlfriend.  Now B and his ex are back together.  All three of them were planning to be at a party, and Jen was prepared to be mature about it....but apparently B was not.  He spilled a beer on her.

My first thought was "good riddance!"

But I hurt for my baby.  She's going to have her heart broken by losers like that....

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