Wednesday, September 22, 2010

college update

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"'s late September and I really should be back at school...." (five points to the person who recognizes that lyric)

Well, it's that time of year again -- the time of year when every conversation with one of my daughters must always include the question "Mom, can you put money in my bank account?"  Yep, the National Bank of Mom is once again open for business.

Jen has settled into the school year very nicely.  but that's to be expected, it's her junior year, and much of her school routine is old and familiar.  Her new adventure this year is living off campus and finally having a room of her own, one without a sister or roommate.  Of course, that means she has to cook for herslef (no more dining hall) and she has to leave herself time to get to class (no more rolling out of bed and into a classroom, it's a 20-minute drive to school).    She's completed most of her required core courses, though she is taking her lab science class this semester, and most of her program consists of  courses in her major and electives.

Becca has taken to college life like a fish to water.   She loves everything about it!  Her on-campus housing is not a traditional dorm; rather, the housing is set up as apartments complete with full kitchen.  Freshmen are required to be on a meal plan, but the food in the cafeteria is less than wonderful, so she's learning to shop for and feed herself -- though she did have to call home to leanr how to make a cup of tea when she didn't have access to a microwave.  she loves her classes, and has already told me how much she appreciates some of her high school AP teachers -- she feels they did an excellent job of preparing her for college.    And I love to hear her talk about the city -- in a matter of three weeks she sounds like she's been living in the city her whole life.  She oh-so-nonchalantly describes taking the subway to visit her best friend at another university, or how she and a few freidns went to Lincoln Center and sat outside the opera house listening to Carmen and eating gelato, or how they walked around the Village or went out for sushi....

I finally got to hear all the details about the room mate who moved out....I thought it was the girl from Florida, but it turns out, the girl who moved out is from New Jersey.  Apparently the young lady really didn't want to live on campus and her parents pushed her.  She started crying and carrying on about being homesick the day she moved into the apartment, almost from the moment her parents left.  She was gone within two days, having converted her status from "resident" to "commuter", and she'll be travelling to school from New Jersey every day.

I feel bad for the girl, of course....but Becca was in a "forced triple" bedroom (a room designed for two but with a third girl squeezed in), and now she's in a double.  I can't feel bad about that.  Guess it's all part of the college experience.

but my girls are doing well, enjoying their busy lives as college students.

and I'm getting used to the quiet in the house.

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